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"Voxibly takes choir singing to the next level"

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"Voxibly takes choir singing to the next level"

Ever thought of singing in a choir, but realized it was to old fashioned? or abandoned the idea because of lacking note skills?

Don't worry!

Voxibly is a new pop choir concept where no note skills or prior choir experience is needed. 

If you're up for singing, this is for you.

Find a local Voxibly choir and start singing.


Once a week all the members of your choir will meet and have a wonderful time together, singing popular pop songs. Your local choir leader will divide you into different harmonies based on your vocal range. He/she will guide and practice the melody with each harmony backed up by a high quality background track with vocals.

After the session all the different songs and harmonies will be available for you through our innovative app. 

Choose a song, select a harmony, sing and learn. Play all harmonies except your own for a great learning/singing experience or listen to only one harmony at a time.

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