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Our concept is to make everyone enjoy
singing in a choir.
We are not focused on singing
classical choir songs or religious tunes. 
We are here to sing modern pop songs
and some classical rock/pop
songs together.
We are not a choir standing with
booklets full of sheet music that
requires note skills. 
We are learning by listening
and singing.
Practice with the choir leader and
members of your local Voxibly Choir.
Go home and continue practicing
and have fun with our innovative
online player, where you can
pick which song, harmony
or part of the song you want to sing.
You can also choose to sing alone,
with a second harmony or with
the full setup.
We produce all cover songs in our own
studio to make it work the best for
you and your choir.
We handle all the song's licencing's
so that the rights holders get paid
for your use of their songs.
So, basically, it's always time
for some music.
Sing practice and have fun.
Have a free test experience with our complete sample player below.
We think you'll love it. 
(if you're using a smartphone or tablet, please
use headphones for the best experience)
Click here
to find your local Voxibly choir
 for more information about 
meetings, the choir leader and
local news. All on their local 
social media platform
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