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Be a part of us!
Want to become choir leader?
 We would love to work with you if you're passionate about singing
and enjoy social gatherings.
You'll have free hands when it comes to most decisions about the choir, including place and time to meet, which songs to sing from our database and how to rehearse.
We will support you with an easy to use website where you can see your members and choose songs from our music library. We will make sure
that your choir members will have access to the songs in order to rehearse and be prepared for your choir sessions.
Our song library consists of a mix of modern high quality pop songs 
as well as pop classics from the past with a focus on current pop songs.
We will keep updating the library with new songs all the time.
Engagement and a positive spirit will be beneficial
for you, as you will get payed according to the number
of members you have in the choir.
Your choir can be as small or as big as you choose but
more members means a higher income for you.
Last but not least we want to highlight the possibilities 
you will have with Voxibly.
You are the one setting the limits.
You choose how big you want it to be and what you will 
achieve together.  Small lovely gatherings or an
impressive concert together with a Voxibly choir from
the other side of the world.
Thanks to the fact that all Voxibly choirs have access to the same
songs and harmonies it’s very easy for choirs from around the world
to sing together.
If this sounds interesting,
please let us know and we will
contact you as soon as possible.
Best regards / Voxibly
Become a choir leader!
Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible

Thanks for your interest! Application sent successfully

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